Is the content of your site questioned by the authorities? Do you often get IP related requests? Do you spend a lot of time answering every email? Let us help you with that!

    Present tactics from many parties involved in copyright is to literally 'spam' a website with hundreds of abuses to content located on the site. But very often these requests are not legitimate. Our proffesionals can help you tell the difference.

    We offer a service that can deal with DMCA and/or EUCD requests for you.


    Today's vision of copyright problem is usually very simplified. Copyright holders claim they have every right to force anybody to dispose of any even distantly related content that an individual or company has put on their website. But this is farm from being true.

    Even though you may (as many others) be tricked into believing you have to bow your head every time someone sends you a copyright related requests, you should be aware that you still possess certain rights.

    We don't support any illegal activities, but you can count on us if you are following the fair use policy.


    Our customers often have content on their site, that is very 'dynamic'. Sometimes (like in social networking websites) the content is not even created by the website owner, but by the community (typically blog systems, platforms for sharing video and audio content, etc.).

    Requests containing possibly illegal content are getting ridiculously urgent. You may bet required to take down the problematic content within minutes.

    For an additional charge, we offer service, where, in case you give us a direct access to your site, we remove the infringed content in no time. You can sleep peacefully while we stay on guard.



EUCD also know as Information Society Directive is a directive of the European Union enacted to implement the WIPO Copyright Treaty and to harmonise aspects of copyright law across Europe, such as copyright exceptions

DMCA aka Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a similiar directive applicable in United States.


Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work.

In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders.


EUCD.eu provides mediation services for an additional charge. If any illegal content appears on your site and it needs to be taken care of, that's where we step in.

We can manage your content in case you don't have time or recources to deal with constant IP related harrasing.